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Hawkedon Equine Dental Service » THE ROUTINE DENTAL PROCEDURE

Richard will ask questions about your horse's age, diet, riding discipline, equitation problems, bitting behavour and how your horse is eating. He will also ask about your horses character and previous dental history.

He will then perform a detailed examination. This starts with examination of the head, jaw, cheek lips and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) – the ‘jaw joint’. He will check the commisures lips, the sinuses and then the incisors at the front of the mouth. Teeth further back, the tongue and ‘bars’ are then examined using a gag (which keeps the mouth open), surgical headlight, cheek retractors, mirrors and instruments.

Some horses may require sedation for examination or treatment. It can make the experience far less stressful for these horses (and owners!) and facilitates thorough examination and treatment. As a vet, Richard can administer this at the time.

Richard will discuss the dental work required and will formulate a dental plan specific to your horse's own requirements. Advice on bitting in relation to your own horse's mouth and equitation discipline can be given.

Richard will then perform routine dental maintenance – rasping of sharp edges, wolf tooth removal, loose cap removal and minor corrections.

More serious problems may require another appointment or may need to come in to the Equine Clinic where more extensive facilities and equipment are available.

LYNN PERRY ... " Richard has provided a reproduction service for several years. His fixed price service is efficient and makes budgeting easy year on year "